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How to better understand quid pro quo sexual harassment

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Despite federal and state laws, as well as workplace policies against sexual harassment, this remains a problem throughout the country. There will always be times when one person thinks he or she has the right to sexually harass a coworker. When this happens, a hostile work environment is created.

The phrase “quid pro quo” means “this for that.” With regard to workplace sexual harassment, it means that one party is offering an employment benefit, such as a raise, in exchange for a sexual favor. If a person’s rejection or acceptance somehow impacts one’s employment, the behavior is considered illegal sexual harassment.

Take for example a supervisor who continually asks an employee out on a date. If the person says no, time and time again, and is then threatened with termination, the individual is a victim of quid pro quo sexual harassment.

There is a lot that goes into investigating a quid prod quo sexual harassment claim, as most people will never admit that they were partaking in such activity. This is why it is important to collect as much evidence as possible, such as written forms of communication, including but not limited to emails and text messages. There may also be witnesses, such as other workers, who can speak up and attest to the fact that a person was sexually harassed.

Are you a victim of workplace sexual harassment? If you have been put in this position, it is not fair that your work life has been negatively impacted. To learn more about quid pro quo sexual harassment, read over the many pages of our website dedicated to this topic.