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Miami Muslim man claims religious discrimination over job loss

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for this week on behalf of a Miami-based Muslim man who alleges he was dismissed from his job due to his religious beliefs. The incident involves the much beleaguered Spirit Airlines; a company based out of Florida that has continuously made headlines in a number of scandals.

According to the Miami New Times, attorneys for the Muslim man claim he was “run out of the company” and subsequently subjected to interrogations by the FBI all due to the color of his skin and his religious beliefs. A spokesman for the airline claims the allegation is false and announced that the company is prepared to defend itself vigorously.

The news report says the Muslim man, who was a pilot-in-training, asked an instructor a seemingly innocent question about a takeover switch located on one of an airplane’s joysticks. According to the Muslim man, the instructor appeared to be alarmed by the question. The alleged religious discrimination victim claims the same instructor had earlier questioned him repeatedly about his religious beliefs and his national origin.

The drama allegedly continued until the Muslim man was dismissed due to a lack of performance, which he says violated several civil rights and constituted employment discrimination. The alleged victim says he had passed all of his tests up to that point and everyone else in his class received jobs. The victim has requested a trial by jury and appeared in a Fort Lauderdale court this week in a preliminary hearing.

This man is doing the right thing by asking for a jury trial as he has the right to be employed regardless of his religious beliefs. Anytime American citizens believe they lost their jobs in a wrongful manner, the law provides a number of ways to find satisfaction. Speak with a Florida employee rights attorney to find out how to proceed if you believe you have suffered discrimination in the workplace.

Source: Miami New Times, “Miami-Based Muslim Pilot Says Spirit Airlines Fired Him Over His Religion” Tim Elfrink, Dec. 16, 2014