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Florida university entangled in race discrimination case

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2014 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Florida International University is heading to court to deal with a race discrimination lawsuit. The suit, filed by a former professor, was brought forth once the man was fired from his position after multiple attempts to find a teaching position in Haiti. The man was fired late last year, but has hopes of once again teaching at the university’s engineering school in the future.

According to recent reports, most students were unaware of his lawsuit against the university. One African American student said the following regarding discrimination on campus:

“I don’t really feel it, but I don’t go looking for it either. There’s a little segregation here or there but nothing serious.”

Although this student noted that he has never felt discriminated against, he made it clear that this could be a problem when discussing the possibility of discrimination. “I think he’s a minority so it could be.”

Despite the fact that the professor’s leave was approved by a school committee, he was still the only professor of a group of 29 who was denied sabbatical. To go along with his own fight, both the NAACP and the Haitian community have rallied behind the man, hoping to help him reclaim his position at the school.

At this time, neither the school or the professor have commented on the lawsuit.

This story is a good indication that race discrimination still exists in many parts of the country, including at well known universities.

Anytime a worker feels that that he or she has been a victim of race discrimination, the individual has the right to consult with the appropriate legal professionals for assistance.

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