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Employers must follow workplace discrimination laws

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2014 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

Workplace discrimination should never be an issue, but many employers in the state of Florida run into this problem at some point in time.

There are both state and federal laws protecting employees with handicaps or disabilities. Despite the laws in place, some employers overlook what they should and should not be doing, thus ending up on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

Employers must make reasonable accommodations for any worker with a disability, as long as he or she has the capabilities of performing the tasks as outlined by the job description. These accommodations should be determined by both the employer and worker, with each side doing their best to find a reasonable solution. These accommodations can include but are not limited to:

— Adapted equipment

— Physical access to a work station, such as a desk

— Reassignment of schedules

— Time allowances for medical treatment

In some cases, an employee who has been injured and has made a workers’ compensation claim may also receive protection under workplace disability laws. A company is not permitted to retaliate against a worker who needs additional time to recover or is seeking disability benefits.

All employers are expected to adhere to both federal and Florida state laws regarding workplace discrimination. In the event that a company crosses the line and makes a mistake, the worker has the right to consider his or her legal options. For those who find themselves in this unenviable position, it is important to learn as much as possible about workplace discrimination laws. You can get started by visiting our disability discrimination webpage.

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