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Florida officer makes wrongful termination claim

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

Nobody wants to make a wrongful termination claim against a former employer, but in the event that the person was treated poorly they often times have no other option. A former police officer for the Okeechobee City Police Department has filed a lawsuit against the department in an attempt to collect for damages related to his termination.

The officer believes that he was fired from his position without due process, which has resulted in him filing a wrongful termination claim. The lawsuit was filed after his firing was first upheld by a grievance board.

The officer was terminated by the department in December 2013 after he took photos of a fatal accident and then sent them to a local television station. When he was initially asked if he sent the photos to the television station, he denied his involvement. However, once he realized that he made a false statement, he immediately admitted to his participation. Later that day, the man was fired.

The man’s attorney said, “there is nothing in the city’s Personnel Policies and Procedures, Chapter 7, that allows for lying, without being sworn under oath, to serve as proper grounds for termination.”

Along with the department claiming he lied about his actions, a police chief also said he had other problems with the man, including him being late for work and claiming he was on duty when he was not.

This sort of wrongful termination claim lends a better idea of what can happen when two parties disagree. It also shows that a disagreement can lead to a lawsuit and time spent in court.

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