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A hostile workplace can lead to real trouble

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2014 | Hostile Work Environment

Millions of people throughout the state of Florida go to work every day. While most are able to do so in peace, without having to worry about harassment and bullying, there are quite a few who are faced with this on a regular basis.

Not only can a hostile workplace have an impact on the person who is the victim, but it can bring down the company as a whole.

According to a study completed by VitalSmarts, of the approximately 3,000 people who were surveyed, 96 percent said they have been bullied at work in the past. Furthermore, and just as alarming, 52 percent said this came in the form of “browbeating, threats and intimidation.”

Even though only 4 percent said they were physically assaulted, that still works out to 120 people.

Some companies are doing whatever they can to cut back on workplace bullying and violence. Unfortunately, many others, including those who are blind to what is going on, continue to let this happen, often leading to an even worse situation.

There are many things management can do to protect against bullying, such as making sure that everybody is aware that this is not going to be tolerated. In addition to verbalizing this, it can be outlined in the employee handbook. Additionally, management can take a closer look at their managing style, making sure they are not personally crossing the line.

In the event that a hostile work environment leads to a serious situation, there is always the chance that the victim will consider his or her legal options.

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