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Woman files workplace race discrimination suit after firing

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Racial Discrimination At Work

With most companies in Florida and throughout the country promoting diverse workplaces, termination based on race is virtually unheard of nowadays. However, one woman is suing for workplace race discrimination after she claims that she was fired after complaining that co-workers discriminated against her because she is black. The woman is asking to be reinstated to her position and is seeking an unknown amount of compensation for attorney fees and other damages.

The woman recently filed a lawsuit against the Georgia GOP. The woman, a self-described Republican Party supporter and volunteer, filed the suit under the Civil Rights Act after losing her job as an assistant to the party chairman. While the woman claims she was fired on March 31 as a form of retaliation for making complaints about the harassment she suffered in the workplace — including discrimination and racial slurs — the Georgia GOP contends that the woman was fired for job performance issues. The Georgia GOP also attests that there is no proof of the woman’s claims.

Everyone has a right to work in an environment free of racial discrimination. When a person is subject to racial slurs in the workplace and is suddenly demoted or fired after reporting the situation to a manager, discrimination may be at play. However, proving discrimination can be very difficult as employers typically find ways to cover up the real cause of a demotion or termination with false excuses.

Termination due to race is a violation of a person’s rights. People cannot change their skin color, and punishing them for what they look like is not only unjust and inhumane but illegal.

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