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Management company mixed up in disability discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2014 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

Thousands upon thousands of people live in apartment buildings throughout the state of Florida. While most feel comfortable with their living arrangement, others realize that they have been treated poorly for one reason or another.

This is the case in Opa-locka, with a woman complaining that she was placed in a unit on the second floor, despite the fact that she made it known that she had Lupus, a condition that makes it difficult for her to live her day to day life.

After stalling on a request to place safety grab bars in her bathroom, the woman suffered a fall, which landed her in the hospital for two weeks.

After several complaints, the Housing Opportunities for Project Excellence stepped in to see if it could help.

This led to a discrimination lawsuit filed by the Housing Opportunities for Project Excellence as well as six residents. All of the residents allege that Charter Realty Group, a company that manages apartment complexes in the area, discriminated against residents on the basis of sex, disability, and familial status.

The lawsuit was recently filed in the United States Southern District of Florida, with the plaintiffs seeking compensatory and punitive damages, along with the cost of attorney fees and court costs.

Even in today’s age, disability discrimination is still a problem in many parts of the United States. This story out of Florida shows that some, including apartment complex managers, are not up to speed on what they should and should not be doing. As a result, residents, with the help of the Housing Opportunities for Project Excellence, had to step up and file a lawsuit.

Source:  Miami Times, “Apartments in Miami Gardens, Opa-locka sued” Erick Johnson, Jun. 12, 2014