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Sexual Harassment at Work Archives

How to handle sexual harassment in the current climate

In many workplaces across Florida, the conversation around the office water cooler has recently been focused on the ongoing spat of sexual harassment allegations involving prominent executives and politicians. In most of these situations, unwanted sexual advances, lewd comments and more serious instances of harassment have taken place in workplace environments, and they went unspoken for many years.

Types of sexual harassment in a Florida workplace

Although sexual harassment is illegal in workplaces in Florida and around the country, it is not uncommon. For example, a 2015 Cosmopolitan survey with more than 2,230 female participants found that 1 in 3 women reported experiencing sexual harassment at work at least once in their lives. Even though it is prevalent, some individuals may not be aware of what sexual harassment actually is.

When patients commit sexual harassment

According to a study that was published in the journal Physical Therapy, health care workers in Florida and elsewhere are 16 times more likely to experience non-fatal violence at work than is the case with other professions. A recent survey of 900 physical therapists found that 80 percent were subject to sexual remarks or sexual assault. They also said that they experienced inappropriate touching and indecent exposure on the job.

Employees talk about how racism affects them

Florida residents are likely aware of the issues of racism, sexism and ageism in the working world. One Asian woman who worked for Google said that she felt invisible and that there were few people who looked like her at the company. She said that this was especially true among the executive ranks. An African-American woman said that she was regularly asked to show identification whereas white workers were not.

Fox News host accused of texting inappropriate pictures

Florida residents who are Fox News watchers may be interested to learn that another employee, Eric Bolling, has been accused of sexual harassment. Bolling, a prominent host, allegedly sent unsolicited photographs of his genitals to several female co-workers.

Sexual harassment issues a problem at Tesla

Many Florida residents may have their eyes focused on purchasing a Tesla vehicle. However, they may also be interested to learn that multiple women who have worked at the company allege that Tesla has a past of enabling and engaging in sexual harassment and workplace discrimination.

Workplace discrimination and women of color

Women of color in Florida and the rest of the nation who have jobs related to planetary science and astronomy are likely to work in a hostile environment in which they endure negative comments as well as physical and verbal harassment. This is according to a study that surveyed 474 planetary scientists and astronomers from 2011 to 2015. Additional findings also indicate that women of color are victims of workplace discrimination and harassment based on both their race and gender.

Fox rocked by another sexual harassment scandal

Florida residents may be aware that 21st Century Fox has been mired in a number of scandals recently involving allegations of sexual harassment leveled against several of their most senior executives. Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was forced to resign in July 2016 after several women stepped forward to corroborate Gretchen Carlson's allegations of sexual harassment, and Bill O'Reilly's highly rated nightly show was forced off the air in April after a number of female workers made similar accusations.

Uber makes changes after report issued

Many Florida employees understand just how much of a problem workplace sexual harassment can be. A former Uber engineer claimed that she was sexually harassed and that management did nothing after she reported the issue. On June 6, the company had a meeting involving all 12,000 of its employees. The meeting was to discuss the findings of an outside law firm that was hired after those specific allegation and other similar claims were made.

Specificity not requried for EEOC charge

Florida employees who have been victims of workplace sexual harassment may be interested in a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit regarding a quid pro quo sexual harassment claim. The court rejected the argument submitted by the employer that the EEOC charge did not specify quid pro quo harassment and reversed the dismissal of the claim and returned it to the court for trial.

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