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Racial Discrimination Archives

Race discrimination facts and information

Race discrimination in the workplace is against the law in the state of Florida, as well as the rest of the United States. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects workers against discrimination. This includes many types of discrimination, such as race, national origin, religion and sex.

Florida university entangled in race discrimination case

Florida International University is heading to court to deal with a race discrimination lawsuit. The suit, filed by a former professor, was brought forth once the man was fired from his position after multiple attempts to find a teaching position in Haiti. The man was fired late last year, but has hopes of once again teaching at the university's engineering school in the future.

Woman files workplace race discrimination suit after firing

With most companies in Florida and throughout the country promoting diverse workplaces, termination based on race is virtually unheard of nowadays. However, one woman is suing for workplace race discrimination after she claims that she was fired after complaining that co-workers discriminated against her because she is black. The woman is asking to be reinstated to her position and is seeking an unknown amount of compensation for attorney fees and other damages.

Florida fire marshal suspended for racial discrimination

Regrettably, racial discrimination is still alive in Florida's workplace, and the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department is no exception. The proof of this unfortunate statement is evident in current events, including the filing of numerous racial discrimination lawsuits. Three suits are currently pending. Most recently, the JFRD fire marshal received a 10-day suspension for allegedly making racist remarks during a meeting held to make plans for the Welcome to Rockville concert.

Protesting alleged race discrimination against Florida students

Last week, civil activists and students gathered in Florida to ask Gov. Scott for changes that will hold Hispanic and black students to a higher academic standard. According to news reports, the Florida Department of Education expects only 74 percent of the state's black students to pass math tests at their grade level by the 2017 through 2018 school year. This is a sharp contrast to the lofty 92 percent goal for Florida's Asian students and is even lower than the rather minimal goal of 80 percent placed on Hispanic students.

Florida teacher files discrimination complaint

There is no reason for any type of discrimination in the workplace; however, this is a problem that has plagued many companies and employees over the years. Recently, a former teacher at Woodmont Charter School in Florida filed a discrimination complaint against the institution.

Florida rife with workplace harassment and racial discrimination

According to a recent report created by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the state of Florida received more than 7,500 harassment and sexual or racial discrimination claims for 2013. In terms of totals for the United States, Florida's figures make up about 8 percent and means our state comes in at second, ahead of California and just behind Texas. Any discrimination is bad, but the American workplace discrimination total of 94,000 charges for 2013 has dropped since 2012 by about 6,000 charges.

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