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Does Florida McDonald's have systemic sexual harassment problems?

When a Florida employee reports for duty at McDonald's or any other type of company, he or she can reasonably expect that his or her employer has fulfilled obligations to maintain a safe working environment. Many people who work at "The Golden Arches" in this state and others say sexual harassment has become a systemic issue and corporate officials are not doing enough to resolve the problem. One woman who filed a lawsuit said she could not even determine how to get an official to speak to her on the phone. 

Sexual harassment can happen when working from home

Sexually_Harassment_Work_from_Home_Employees_Florida_Lawyer.jpgMany Florida employees are now working from home, and while this is the most convenient and safest choice for many, it come with its own types of problems. Workplace sexual harassment is often associated with in-person interactions that happen while on the job, but there are increasing numbers of reports of this type of treatment taking place virtually. Working from home does not always protect one from harassing behaviors.

Sexual harassment is a problem for many employees

When employees are at work, they should not experience inappropriate sexual contact of any kind from co-workers or customers. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a problem for many Florida employees, even during a time when there are limits to the number of people in one place at a time and social distancing requirements. Some workers say they are actually experiencing more harassing behavior in these current circumstances than they were previously.

Social media and its impact on a harassment claim

Many Florida employees have social media accounts, and they use these accounts to share personal news and frustrations with friends and family. Unfortunately, some of this information could be used against the original poster in certain circumstances, such as when they are involved in a legal dispute. When employers are disputing or defending against a harassment claim, they may attempt to use information posted by the plaintiff against him or her.

Sexual harassment can cause significant mental health issues

State and federal laws protect Florida employees from certain types of treatment in the workplace. Despite these laws, sexual harassment can be a serious problem for many. It's much more than an inconvenience. It can actually lead to serious mental health struggles, including an increased chance of experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviors. This type of harassment has also been linked to physical symptoms, like sicknesses that can cause missed days from work.

Workplace sexual harassment a problem in Hollywood

Despite the prevalence of the Me Too movement in Hollywood, there is still sufficient reason to believe that inappropriate treatment remains a serious problem in the entertainment industry. A recent study found that one in five women who work in this field have experienced sexual harassment in some manner over the course of their careers. One in 20 also said they'd experienced harassment or a sexual assault at work at some point within the last 12 months.

Employers should make it safe, easy to report sexual harassment

Florida employees who experienced any type of mistreatment in the workplace have the right to report it to their employers or the appropriate authority. However, many victims do not speak out because they feel intimidated, embarrassed or unsure of what to do next. This is why it is important for employers to make it easy and safe to report sexual harassment or discrimination in a confidential manner.

Sexual harassment remains a problem for women in tech

Women in various fields have experienced inappropriate treatment at work. The recent #MeToo movement shed light on how prevalent the issue of sexual harassment is in many different types of workplaces in Florida and across the country, including the tech industry. Female employees in this specific type of employment area say they are still experiencing sexual harassment in their workplaces and in situations related to their jobs. 

Suicide risk higher for workers who experience sexual harassment

There are certain types of behaviors that have no place in a Florida work environment. Not only are things like discrimination and sexual harassment inappropriate, they can also have devastating consequences for victims. A recent study found that individuals who are exposed to sexual harassment in their place of work are more likely to consider or attempt suicide. This is a grave problem, and it is one employers should take seriously.

Sexual harassment has serious health and safety implications

Women may be subjected to unfair and discriminatory treatment of a sexual nature in their Florida workplaces. Sexual harassment makes it difficult for a victim to do her job, especially when working in a male-dominated environment, such as a branch of the United States military. To fight sexual harassment and lower the chance of it happening at any level, the Navy is looking at ways to stop it before this behavior even begins. 

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