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Disability discrimination case somes to settlement

Living with mental illness can certainly have its difficulties. However, many people can continue working and carrying out other aspects of their daily lives as they cope with their disability. Unfortunately, some employers may lose faith in their workers after learning of a mental condition, and disability discrimination could take place.

Disability inclusion is important in every type of workplace

Disabled individuals have specific rights in the workplace, and they should not be subjected to discriminatory treatment. However, these individuals may find it challenging to work in certain types of environments, especially if a Florida employer does not make the effort to be inclusive. While it is crucial to eliminate discrimination in any workplace, it may be just as important to make inclusion a priority. There are certain steps that will make the workplace better for those who need additional support and accommodations.

Ways employers can minimize disability discrimination

Florida employees with disabilities have rights in the workplace, and employers are responsible for providing reasonable accommodations and support. Unfortunately, not all employers respect these rights, and disability discrimination is a real problem for deaf employees in some workplaces. There are areas where certain improvements can be made, and this effort can make every type of work environment more fair for employees of all abilities. 

Disability is not valid grounds for termination

Discrimination against disabled individuals comes in many different forms. Florida employees who have certain types of disabling medical conditions have the right to seek reasonable accommodations in order to do their jobs. Unless these adjustments will cause undue financial loss or cause a significant negative impact on operations, employers must provide them for the employee. One form of discrimination is termination of an employee because of his or her disability.

Workers with disabilities still face workplace discrimination

Living with a disability might have its own challenges, but maintaining employment should not have to be one. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects workers with disabilities from unfair treatment in the workplace -- or at least it is supposed to. Despite the protections afforded by the ADA, workers with disabilities in Florida still face plenty of problems at work.

Providing reasonable accommodations for disabled employees

Florida employers are responsible for respecting the rights of all employees, including those who have disabilities. Specific laws mandate that businesses provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees who may need adjustments in order to fulfill the requirements of their jobs. Inclusion is important, and accommodations are available to every type of employee who may need them, including part-time and temporary workers.

Retail giant to pay fine from disability discrimination claim

Disabled individuals have certain rights in Florida workplaces, regardless of the type of workplace or job requirements. Walmart, the nationwide retail giant, recently faced legal complications over a store location's treatment of an employee with a disability. As the result of a civil claim filed against the company, Walmart will have to pay $40,000. The retail company will also have to provide additional training on disability discrimination for managers.

Disabled workers continue to face challenges in the workplace

Individuals with disabilities have the right to fair treatment and certain accommodations in the workplace. On the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, disabled workers in Florida still find it necessary to fight for their rights and an equal standing in their place of employment. The intent of the ADA was to protect the interests of those with disabilities in the workforce, but the act may have led to unintended consequences.

Employers can make Florida workplaces more inclusive

Disabled individuals in Florida have the right to work and earn a living for themselves, but depending on the nature of their disability, they may need help from their employers. Business owners and employers are required by law to provide certain accommodations to individuals who have disabilities. In addition to providing the basic requirements, it is also beneficial for employers to consider how they can make their business more inclusive and accessible.

What should employers do to prevent disability discrimination?

Employees should not face mistreatment at work because of a disability. Florida employers should strive to protect the interests of these workers, and they should take certain steps to make their workplaces more inclusive and conducive for disabled individuals. Any type of disability discrimination is unacceptable, and in some cases, it may be grounds for a civil claim against the employer.

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