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Can biases negatively affect employees in the workplace?

Biases_at_Work_Florida.jpgFew people would openly consider themselves racist. However, that does not mean that many people in Florida and across the country do not have biases that could connect to race. You may have noticed these biases throughout your life due to your race or ethnicity, and it may seem shocking to you at times that those with these biases do not seem to think they are biased.

Religious discrimination the workplace is unacceptable

Individuals should not have to endure any type of mistreatment in their Florida workplaces because of their religious beliefs. There are state and federal laws that prohibit religious discrimination, but unfortunately, it still happens. If you experienced this at your work, you may feel angry, overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. While these are normal feelings, you do not have to deal with this situation alone. 

A close look at workplace discrimination

Every Florida employee has the right to work in an environment that is free from harassment and discriminatory treatment. Unfortunately, many employees experience different types of discrimination at work despite both state and federal laws against it. Victims are often unsure of how to react to this, and they may not speak out due to pure disbelief that it's happening or a real fear of retaliation.

Women still earn less than men

When you look back over past generations, you may feel proud to be a woman in the workforce. Perhaps you are employed in an industry that is traditionally male-dominated, or maybe you have risen to a higher rank in your job than women in your family have previously achieved. Unfortunately, while you may receive kudos and pats on the back for your accomplishment, it is likely that your paycheck does not reflect your hard work.

Are you misclassified as an independent contractor?

Are you working as an independent contractor? If so, you may enjoy a certain amount of flexibility. However, the company you work for may be cheating you out of your rightful wages by misclassifying you. Many so-called independent contractors should actually be employees.

Restaurants and retail: Where workplace discrimination thrives

Discrimination can take many forms, from racial to sexual to age-based. When people think of discrimination in the workplace, which industries come to mind? Of course, no occupations are exempt, but some are guiltier than others.

Two big mistakes that employers can make with online job ads

If you are like many job hunters, you turn to apps and websites like LinkedIn as well as industry-specific job boards to find open positions. You may also follow the social media accounts of companies that particularly interest you. Well-known job resources like might also be good places for you to search.

Is age discrimination always illegal?

The federal law ADEA, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, strives to prevent age discrimination in employment. It applies for workers 40 and older, as long as their employer has at least 20 workers. So, someone who is 25 may not necessarily have an age discrimination case.

Are you not getting paid for working off the clock?

Does your boss ever ask you to work off the clock? If so, you might not be getting the pay you actually deserve. This tactic is used by some business owners and managers to save money and cheat workers out of their rightful wages. You might be ambitious and want to be a team player, or maybe you want to avoid conflict, but you should be wary if your supervisor requests you to work without payment or proper compensation for overtime

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