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Does Florida McDonald's have systemic sexual harassment problems?

When a Florida employee reports for duty at McDonald's or any other type of company, he or she can reasonably expect that his or her employer has fulfilled obligations to maintain a safe working environment. Many people who work at "The Golden Arches" in this state and others say sexual harassment has become a systemic issue and corporate officials are not doing enough to resolve the problem. One woman who filed a lawsuit said she could not even determine how to get an official to speak to her on the phone. 

Is discrimination making you feel disempowered? You have options

You, like other Florida workers, have the right to a workplace free from hostility. Unfortunately, you may feel like you and others in your place of employment are facing unfair treatment that can cause you to dread the idea of getting up and going to work in the morning. This treatment could come in many forms, including illegal discrimination and harassment.

Discrimination is a problem for around 25% of Black employees

Regardless of race, Florida workers have the right to work in an environment that is safe and free from discriminatory treatment. For many Black employees, race discrimination is a problem where they work, despite state and federal laws prohibiting this type of behavior. Those who are victims of racism and injustice in their workplace have the right to speak out about this treatment and seek to hold liable parties accountable.

Lawsuit results after hostile workplace leads to resignation

A comfortable work environment can make a considerable difference in how much Florida residents look forward to going to work. Even if people do not necessarily enjoy the work they do, having friendly co-workers, respected management and an overall amiable place to work could lessen the possibly boring idea of going to work. However, boredom may be the least of a worker's worries if he or she works in a hostile workplace.

Restaurant workers continue to face sexual harassment

Whether you got your job at a Florida restaurant for experience, as a way to make ends meet or out of sheer necessity for income, you undoubtedly appreciate the fact that you have a steady job and are able to work. What you certainly do not appreciate, however, is the way that management, coworkers or even customers can act toward you, particularly when it comes to inappropriate behaviors.

Hairstyles could be the source of racial discrimination at work

Florida workers should not be subjected to mistreatment in their workplace because of their race. This includes discrimination for certain types of hairstyles often worn by women of color. Some say that they must wear their hair in certain ways in professional settings because of subtle discrimination or overtly discriminatory policies. A woman's hairstyle has no bearing on her ability to do her job well. 

Disability discrimination case somes to settlement

Living with mental illness can certainly have its difficulties. However, many people can continue working and carrying out other aspects of their daily lives as they cope with their disability. Unfortunately, some employers may lose faith in their workers after learning of a mental condition, and disability discrimination could take place.

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