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Was employee's termination a form of FMLA discrimination?

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, Florida employees have the right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from work for certain reasons without fear of termination. Reasons why people may take this type of leave include the birth of a child, adoption of a new child into a family or caring for a sick immediate family member. FMLA discrimination happens when an employer fires, demotes or treats an employee unfairly after requesting or taking his or her rightful time off. 

Types of sexual harassment seen in the workplace

Sexual_harassment_types_at_work_florida.jpgWhen Florida employees experience types of mistreatment in the workplace, they may be unsure of what to do next or whether or not they are overreacting. In reality, victims of sexual harassment and other types of illegal treatment are often confused and overwhelmed by their experience because this type of behavior can come in many different forms. Uncertainty over what happened may lead some victims to remain silent and never seek recourse. 

What counts as wrongful termination?

It's devastating to lose your job, especially if you believe your firing was unjustified and unfair. Wrongful termination is illegal, and those who experienced this type of treatment often feel unsure of what to do next. If you think you are a victim, it may be helpful to learn more about your rights as an employee and how you can protect yourself. 

Sexual harassment can happen when working from home

Sexually_Harassment_Work_from_Home_Employees_Florida_Lawyer.jpgMany Florida employees are now working from home, and while this is the most convenient and safest choice for many, it come with its own types of problems. Workplace sexual harassment is often associated with in-person interactions that happen while on the job, but there are increasing numbers of reports of this type of treatment taking place virtually. Working from home does not always protect one from harassing behaviors.

Man claims wrongful termination after exposing safety hazards

Most people go to work with the intention of doing their job and doing it well. Unfortunately, doing one's job can sometimes land a worker in hot water, and it is possible that management or other parties may not appreciate the worker's thorough efforts. In some cases, workers could even face wrongful termination if employers do not like what workers find while doing their jobs.

Disability inclusion is important in every type of workplace

Disabled individuals have specific rights in the workplace, and they should not be subjected to discriminatory treatment. However, these individuals may find it challenging to work in certain types of environments, especially if a Florida employer does not make the effort to be inclusive. While it is crucial to eliminate discrimination in any workplace, it may be just as important to make inclusion a priority. There are certain steps that will make the workplace better for those who need additional support and accommodations.

Harassment and the development of a hostile work environment

Florida employees should not be subjected to unfair or discriminatory treatment in their place of work. Harassment and unfair treatment can lead to the development of a hostile work environment, potentially causing significant emotional damage to the person who is experiencing it. Harassment of any kind is unacceptable and inexcusable in a professional environment, and it may be grounds for a civil claim against the employer. 

Sexual harassment is a problem for many employees

When employees are at work, they should not experience inappropriate sexual contact of any kind from co-workers or customers. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a problem for many Florida employees, even during a time when there are limits to the number of people in one place at a time and social distancing requirements. Some workers say they are actually experiencing more harassing behavior in these current circumstances than they were previously.

Why do many sexual harassment victims remain silent?

A person's reputation can play a significant part in his or her career advancement. If individuals in your workplace consider you a hard worker and someone who is reliable, you may be more likely to see positive effects on your career. However, if parties at your place of employment consider you a troublemaker or untrustworthy, your career could remain stagnant or even see negative repercussions.

Google facing federal complaint regarding retaliation

Facing difficulties in the workplace can sometimes be hard to handle. In some instances, employees could face retaliation from their employers for certain legal actions, and those retaliatory actions could even go so far as to result in the termination of workers. In many cases, workers who believe that they were treated illegally in the workplace have options for addressing the matter.

Ways employers can minimize disability discrimination

Florida employees with disabilities have rights in the workplace, and employers are responsible for providing reasonable accommodations and support. Unfortunately, not all employers respect these rights, and disability discrimination is a real problem for deaf employees in some workplaces. There are areas where certain improvements can be made, and this effort can make every type of work environment more fair for employees of all abilities. 

Del Taco to pay $1.25 million in sexual harassment settlement

Women face many hurdles in the workplace. Of these, sexual harassment may be one of the most difficult to overcome. Women in Florida often face severe repercussions for reporting, like retaliation, wrongful termination and even worsening instances of harassment. A recently settled sexual harassment suit involving the popular fast-food chain Del Taco demonstrates just how difficult it can be.

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