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October 2020 Archives

Retail giant to pay fine from disability discrimination claim

Disabled individuals have certain rights in Florida workplaces, regardless of the type of workplace or job requirements. Walmart, the nationwide retail giant, recently faced legal complications over a store location's treatment of an employee with a disability. As the result of a civil claim filed against the company, Walmart will have to pay $40,000. The retail company will also have to provide additional training on disability discrimination for managers.

Workplace sexual harassment a problem in Hollywood

Despite the prevalence of the Me Too movement in Hollywood, there is still sufficient reason to believe that inappropriate treatment remains a serious problem in the entertainment industry. A recent study found that one in five women who work in this field have experienced sexual harassment in some manner over the course of their careers. One in 20 also said they'd experienced harassment or a sexual assault at work at some point within the last 12 months.

When is a firing considered wrongful termination?

Florida is an at-will employment state, which means employers have the right to fire workers for many different reasons without breaking any laws. However, that does not mean that it is legal every time an employer fires an employee. There are times when a firing is wrongful termination, and this is illegal. Employees who were wrongfully terminated have the right to take legal action against their former employers.

Avoiding pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Women who become pregnant are no less capable of fulfilling their job duties and doing what their work requires of them than others. Unfortunately, Florida employers do not always recognize the rights of pregnant women, discriminating against them when they need reasonable accommodations and family leave. To comply with federal and state laws preventing pregnancy discrimination, employers should strive to be consistent and fair with all employees.

5 questions to ask before filing a sexual harassment complaint

Pursuing_a_harassment_claim_in_florida.jpgAny time you feel uncomfortable in the workplace, you can bring it up to a supervisor or manager. Perhaps you do not want to file a formal complaint, but you want to make others aware that some unseemly behavior has occurred. On the other hand, you may feel that another person's actions toward you cause serious problems in the workplace, especially if you think those activities constituted sexual harassment.

Protection when reporting illegal activity in the workplace

Employees have a close relationship with the inside operations of their employer's business. When there are things happening that are inappropriate or illegal, it can be intimidating for a Florida employee. Many who do witness fraud and other illegal actions may not know if they should report it or stay quiet, fearing potential repercussions from their employers. Thankfully, there are laws that offer protections to whistleblowers who report illegal activity in the workplace. 

Harassment can happen in virtual workplaces

Over the last seven months, many workplaces have shifted their operations online. Many Florida workers now do some or all of their jobs online, and this often includes taking part in many Zoom calls and online meetings where participants have video capabilities. A recent mishap involving a well-known CNN correspondent has brought the issue of sexual harassment in virtual settings to the forefront of the national conversation. 

Employers should make it safe, easy to report sexual harassment

Florida employees who experienced any type of mistreatment in the workplace have the right to report it to their employers or the appropriate authority. However, many victims do not speak out because they feel intimidated, embarrassed or unsure of what to do next. This is why it is important for employers to make it easy and safe to report sexual harassment or discrimination in a confidential manner.

The rights of employees in a hostile work environment

When Florida employers violate the rights of the men and women who work for them, victims have the right to pursue legal action. One of these rights is to work in a place that is free from harassment, discrimination and illegal treatment of all kinds. When employers allow these things to happen, retaliate over reporting incidents and ignore problems, it can lead to the development of a hostile work environment.

Is your work environment merely negative, or is it hostile?

Most Florida households have one or more members who work full-time outside the home. Perhaps you've been with the same company for a while now or just recently started a new job. Either way, the mood and atmosphere in your workplace no doubt fluctuate. Some days are better than others. If you've had an unpleasant run-in or two with a manager or co-worker, you're definitely not alone in your struggle. However, there's a difference between a bad day at work and a hostile environment.

Google addressing problems of sexual harassment in the company

Google's parent company has recently agreed to pay over $310 million because of the way the company handled allegations of inappropriate behavior. The hundreds of millions of dollars will go toward resolving litigation with shareholders and increasing diversity efforts within the company. Litigation from shareholders started after allegations came out that the company hid misconduct from certain executives and did not make enough of an effort to prevent sexual harassment. This type of harassment is also a problem in many Florida workplaces as well.

Fighting and preventing race discrimination at work

Every worker has certain rights in the workplace, and this includes the right to work in an environment that is free from discriminatory treatment. Despite laws, training and changing cultural norms, race discrimination is still a problem for many in their place of work. It is the responsibility of every employer to implement and enforce certain standards that will reduce or hopefully eliminate the possibility of discriminatory treatment in the company.

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