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April 2020 Archives

Unwanted contact and forms of sexual harassment

A Florida employee should be able to go to work and do his or her job without fear of harassment or inappropriate treatment. Despite both federal and state laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace, it still happens. Through unwanted contact, physical touch and verbal comments, a victim can suffer emotional, mental and physical harm. It the duty of employers to address concerns over these matter promptly and appropriately.

Florida woman sues after experiencing sexual harassment at work

A Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against a Navy official after experiencing what she claims was inappropriate treatment at her workplace. Her claim states that she experienced sexual harassment at work, as well as a workplace environment that was unfair to women, especially those in leadership positions. She states that the U.S. Secretary of the Navy should have known about the harassment and taken steps to appropriately reprimand the supervisor. 

What does FMLA discrimination in the workplace look like?

When an employee suffers certain consequences for exercising his or her rights in Florida workplace, it could be grounds for a lawsuit. One of these rights is the ability to take leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. This is a law that provides workers the ability to take needed time off when they have a baby, adopt a child, need to care for a sick family member or need treatment for a specific type of illness.

McDonald's employees allege sexual harassment at work

Two women who work for McDonald's restaurants in Florida claim they experienced inappropriate and illegal treatment in the workplace. They filed a lawsuit against the famous fast-food chain, saying they and other women experienced widespread sexual harassment at work. They say they were groped, verbally harassed and forced to work in a hostile environment. The two women who filed the lawsuit worked at a location in Sanford, Florida.

Racial discrimination in the workplace is still a problem

Florida employees should be perform their jobs without fear of harassment or discrimination on the basis of their race. Racial discrimination in the workplace is illegal on both state and federal levels, yet it continues to be a problem for many. Those who experience this type of treatment are often afraid to speak out because they fear they will lose their job or face retaliation of some kind.

Workplace retaliation claims are increasing

When a Florida employee experiences unfair treatment in the workplace or witnesses some kind of illegal activity, the employee has the right to speak out about it. However, it can be intimidating to do these things, and the employee may experience workplace retaliation as a result. This can happen in cases involving whistleblowing, reporting dangerous workplace conditions or even filing a worker's compensation claim.

Sexual harassment is a big problem for women in construction

When it comes to employment options, gender lines have blurred substantially in recent decades. Women now hold positions in industries historically occupied by men, and they leave little doubt that gender doesn't matter when it comes to exhibiting the skills, intelligence and fortitude needed to do the job.  

Do you get paid for every hour you work?

Whether you clock in, log in or sign in to your workday, you may appreciate knowing when your work will begin and end. Your posted schedule allows you to plan your day and your other obligations, and it also allows you to calculate how much pay to expect at the end of the week.

Disability discrimination in the workplace a growing concern

Every employee in Florida has the right to work in a place that is free from harassment and mistreatment. There are both state and federal laws in place that protect the rights of workers, and employers have the obligation to ensure they do not allow the development of a hostile work environment. Despite these things, disability discrimination in the workplace is a growing concern.

Is sexual harassment training enough?

In 2017, the #MeToo Movement took hold, and millions of people joined the fight to make inappropriate sexual contact a thing of the past. This movement also affected the workplace as many women finally felt it was appropriate to step forward and speak out about their experience with sexual harassment from co-workers or an employer. Despite the improvements made, sexual harassment training is not a requirement in every state.

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