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February 2020 Archives

Former manager sues Amazon over discrimination claims

Workers in Florida and across the U.S. are legally protected from on-the-job discrimination and retaliation. However, many employers still attempt to engage in such activities. For example, a former Amazon manager is suing the online retail giant for allegedly making her discriminate against job applicants and then firing her when she protested.

Transgender airport employees allege workplace discrimination

Prominent coffee shops and restaurants may be found in airports in Florida and across the country. Some Starbucks employees, however, allege that they do not receive protection from discrimination in airport locations, even when the company touts its practices at its traditional corporate stores. Starbucks has produced advertisements promoting its shops as friendly spaces for transgender people, including customers and employees. However, multiple transgender employees at Starbucks locations found in airports say that they were discriminated against based on their race and gender identity.

Experiencing harassment or discrimination due to a disability?

Disabled individuals often are able to live normal and fulfilling lives, including working in various types of employment. In fact, your condition does not affect your ability to do your job well and contribute to your team. Despite this, you may still experience some types of harassment or discrimination at work because of your disability or accommodations you may need.

Black workers at all levels troubled by race discrimination

Black workers in Florida continue to struggle with racial discrimination at work, from entry-level employees to skilled professionals. At the same time, an employee's perception of certain types of racism can be affected by their position in the company. Black workers may face significant disadvantages due to racial bias, from prejudice interfering with hiring, promotion or termination to exclusion from key social networks critical to career expansion. According to one study of black employees in the medical industry, high-ranking executives and physicians were more likely to focus on institutional forms of discrimination when addressing racism on the job.

Workplace discrimination still prevalent, says study

A study conducted by Glassdoor during the year 2019 indicates that 60% of workers in Florida and across the country have witnessed or experienced discrimination in the workplace. At the same time, more than 75% of workers said the companies they worked for had a diverse group of employees. The workplace discrimination asked about in the survey included discrimination based on race, gender, age and LGBTQ+ association. According to the Economic Research Team at Glassdoor, this contrast means employers should make efforts to deal with workplace discrimination.

Coronavirus myths linked to racial discrimination

Novel coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV, is a real public health concern for many people in Florida. However, myths and prejudices about the disease have also led to troubling instances of discrimination against Asian and Asian American workers on the job. The spread of the virus and the threat of a growing epidemic have led to many concerns about how to handle workplace issues, including safety concern, mandatory closures and time off from work. At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has underlined that the risk to the American public as a whole is low. In many cases, the risk of typical influenza is much higher and more deadly.

Are you facing bullying and intimidation at work?

A person's work environment can greatly affect how much he or she enjoys going to work. If you consider your co-workers as your friends and get along well with your boss, you likely enjoy going to work as much as the next person. On the other hand, if your employer and co-workers treat you in demeaning ways and make the work environment one of hostility, you may dread having to get up in the morning to go to work.

Minorities speak out about working in the tech sector

It isn't uncommon for people of color to make up the minority of people hired by tech companies in Florida and throughout the nation. It also isn't uncommon for women to make up a minority of employees hired by tech companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google. Those three companies were called out for their lack of diversity after publicly disclosing how many women and minorities worked for each of them.

LGBT employees may have to keep fighting for protections at work

When a person goes to work, he or she has the right to work in an environment that is free from harassment, discrimination and unfair treatment of any kind. It can be frustrating and emotionally damaging to experience discrimination, but unfortunately, that is the reality for many LGBT workers in Florida. There are currently no protections for LGBT workers in the state, but some lawmakers are working to change that. 

A worker could have rights in a sexual orientation case

Technically, it is not illegal for Florida employers and others to discriminate against workers based on their sexual orientation. However, federal employees may have protection against discrimination based on an existing executive order. Those who work in states or cities where no specific anti-LGBT legislation is in place may have other remedies if they are mistreated on the job. For instance, it may be possible to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against anyone who engages in certain types of activities at work.

EEOC received fewer discrimination charges in 2019

In fiscal year 2019, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said that it had received 72,675 workplace discrimination claims, many of which came from Florida. According to the EEOC data, retaliation was the most common charge. Claims involving racial discrimination and equal pay discrimination increased during the 2019 fiscal year. However, there was a drop in all other types of workplace discrimination charges received by the EEOC.

Bank manager settles ADA violation case against employer

Floridians who have been negatively impacted due to violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should be aware of what steps to take to recover compensation. This happens across the nation and protects those whose disability is pregnancy-related. A recent case was decided in favor of the plaintiff after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a claim.

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