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January 2019 Archives

DOL claims Oracle practiced race and gender discrimination

Some tech workers in Florida may have faced workplace discrimination on the basis of race or sex. Following an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor, the company Oracle is alleged by the DOL to have underpaid female, black and Asian employees by a total of $400 million over four years.

Facing sexual harassment at work

Unfortunately, many Florida workers continue to face a range of harassment problems on the job. Even some of the country's most well-regarded employers have seen serious issues with sexual harassment come to the forefront. For example, Google staff members engaged in a global walkout to protest the lack of attention paid to harassment and discrimination, especially that directed against female employees. Some types of harassment are more severe and obvious, especially to outside observers, while other types of unacceptable behavior may often go unnoticed.

New thoughts on harassment-prevention training

Awareness about sexual harassment has gone up significantly since 2016. In the same year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a report showing that workplace training designed to reduce sexual harassment may actually do more harm than good. As a result, companies in Florida and other states are rethinking the substance of their anti-sexual harassment training programs.

Have You Been Discriminated Against During A Job Interview?

If you are looking for a new job, you may attend several interviews. While interviews can be nerve-wracking and intimidating, you should not need to deal with any discrimination. Unfortunately, discriminatory practices during interviews is a reality. Discrimination at a workplace can take various forms during any part of the process, including pre-employment.

Florida minimum wage increases

If you are a non-exempt worker in Florida, you should get bigger paychecks in 2019. The minimum wage is up to $8.46 from $8.25, an increase of $0.21. This 2.5 percent bump is happening because of a state constitutional amendment that determines the minimum wage based on inflation. Florida is not the only state experiencing an increase. In fact, 20 states now have a higher minimum wage.

Lawsuit accuses Google executives of ignoring harassment

The #MeToo movement has drawn attention to ongoing issues with sexual harassment and assault in a range of industries in Florida and across the country. While the resulting employee protests and media coverage have led to some policy changes, many say that not enough has been done to put a stop to on-the-job harassment. In a lawsuit filed on Jan. 10, a shareholder with Alphabet, Google's parent company, accused the tech giant's executives of ignoring problems with harassment.

Employee activists raise awareness on social media

Google employees are hoping to raise awareness of workplace harassment in the tech industry using various social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram. They hope that people in Florida and throughout the country learn more about tactics such as requiring employees to resolve workplace issues through arbitration. By going through arbitration, workers don't have the ability to take a case to court. While this requirement has been dropped by some companies for sexual harassment claims, it still applies in other cases.

Gaming employee speaks out against racial bias

Employees who have experienced racial discrimination on the job in Florida could take legal action. However, finding justice could be a difficult process. Recently, one employee of Blizzard spoke out regarding the ongoing discrimination he experienced after he was hired on for a full-time position with the popular gaming company in 2016. The employee, a Mexican-American male, claims he was routinely singled out by a white female coworker due to his racial background.

New House of Representatives rules ban LGBTQ discrimination

Florida residents may be interested in news from the U.S. House of Representatives about LGBTQ rights. The House passed a set of rules during the first meeting of the 116th Congress on Jan. 3, including a rule that bans discrimination against LGBTQ job seekers and staff members.

Ending harassment is a group effort

Workers in Florida may have either experienced or heard about sexual harassment at work. However, it is a problem that both employees and employers can work together to solve. Employees should document any instance of harassment that they see or experience. Doing so may make it easier to have a claim investigated after it has been reported to HR or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Harassment victims likely to face firing or retaliation

When Florida workers face sexual harassment on the job, many are afraid to take action to stop the unwanted advances. These fears of losing a job or other forms of retaliation could be well-founded. According to a university study, most workers who come forward with complaints about sexual harassment are fired or experience some form of unjust treatment on the job shortly thereafter. The Center for Employment Equity reported that 64 percent of harassment complainants lost their jobs within one year of making their claim.

Anti-discrimination and pregnancy in the workplace

Class action lawsuits and claims of unfair treatment against pregnant employees are on the rise. In 2017, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received over 3,100 complaints regarding pregnancy-related discrimination, the highest number to date. What is the reason behind the rise in complaints?

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