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Sexual harassment and retail jobs

During the holiday season and around the year, many Florida residents seek out jobs in the retail sector as their main source of employment or a supplemental income. While coverage of sexual harassment in the workplace has become more prominent, retail workers are often vulnerable due to their youth, relatively low pay and lack of experience. In addition, many retail workplaces may see blended personal friendships and work relationships, leading to poorly defined boundaries for personal conduct. Many retail companies have not taken firm action on harassment, leading to a worse situation for all employees.

An effective sexual harassment policy is a basic for companies that want to take action about harassment on the job. This kind of policy should prohibit unacceptable behavior and provide a reporting structure so that victims can address their concerns with management. When workers are subject to retaliation and negative treatment after reporting harassment, the damage is compounded by the company’s action or inaction. The same is true when known harassers are allowed to remain in positions of authority despite repeated complaints.

Some managers abuse their positions not only to silence complaints but to commit sexual harassment themselves. Reports may not only arise through official channels in these cases, but they can also bubble up through social media posts and in-store gossip. In these cases, companies may have an obligation to investigate when they are aware that problems exist. It should be noted that sexual harassment violates the law, and businesses that fail to take harassment seriously may pay a real price.

Employees who have been subjected to sexual harassment on the job do have options. This is true for retail workers as well as for others in precarious or vulnerable positions. Boca Raton, Florida, sexual harassment legal assistance may help affected workers to take action and seek accountability.


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