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December 2018 Archives

How employment contracts may limit employee rights

Employees in Florida and throughout the country may be unable to tell their stories of sexual harassment in the workplace. This is because many employment contracts require workers to take their cases to arbitration. Once an arbitration case is resolved, there is no chance to appeal the decision to a higher court or any other body. Employers may also have the right to keep information away from employees prior to an arbitration hearing.

Unions in entertainment industry team up against harassment

Many people in Pennsylvania and across the country have been appalled by the sexual harassment revelations that have been widely publicized in the entertainment industry. Spurred by allegations of harassment and assault against major movie producer Harvey Weinstein in late 2017, the #MeToo movement has revealed numerous examples of serious harassment, often carried out by well-known figures in the entertainment industry as well as politics, tech and other fields. Now, trade unions in entertainment have launched a new alliance in order to strengthen the battle against sexual harassment in the workplace.

About the ADA

Disabled Florida residents in the workforce who believe that they have been a victim of employment discrimination may have legal recourse under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The ADA is federal law that prohibits local and state governments, private employers, labor organizations, employment agencies and labor management committees from engaging in employment discrimination against qualified individuals. The employment practices covered by the ADA include hiring, training, recruiting, making job assignments, firing, giving benefits and any other activities pertaining to employment.

CBS gives anti-harassment grants after CEO scandal

Many people in Florida regularly watch CBS television programs, but the developing scandals surrounding sexual harassment at the network have also attracted significant public attention. The network's former chairman and CEO, Les Moonves, was dismissed in September 2018 after journalists revealed allegations from 12 different women about sexual harassment on the job, including groping, forced sexual encounters and retaliation if they complained about or resisted the unwanted sexual behavior.

Company leaders have a big role in stopping sexual harassment

Business and nonprofit leaders in Florida exert a strong influence on their workplace cultures. When allegations of sexual harassment arise at an organization, leaders' responses could shape how the staff views the problem. Leaders who take strong stances to condemn the problem may foster a culture where people consider the behavior unacceptable. Staff members will anticipate that the organization will take complaints seriously. In contrast, leaders who downplay allegations or deny them outright transmit the message that perpetrators will be treated leniently and victims could face retaliation.

LGBT employees concerned about upcoming Supreme Court term

Many LGBT workers in Florida may be concerned about their protections on the job, as the upcoming year's Supreme Court docket could include troubling cases. There are a number of petitions against protections for LGBT rights seeking a hearing before the court, although some experts note that the outcome is unlikely to be uniformly negative. Most of the cases seek some form of limitation on LGBT rights or reversal of a lower court opinion upholding LGBT rights. In most instances, the Supreme Court has not yet agreed to hear these issues.

Sexual harassment and retail jobs

During the holiday season and around the year, many Florida residents seek out jobs in the retail sector as their main source of employment or a supplemental income. While coverage of sexual harassment in the workplace has become more prominent, retail workers are often vulnerable due to their youth, relatively low pay and lack of experience. In addition, many retail workplaces may see blended personal friendships and work relationships, leading to poorly defined boundaries for personal conduct. Many retail companies have not taken firm action on harassment, leading to a worse situation for all employees.

Study finds differing opinions on sexual harassment

Florida residents and others tend to view sexual harassment differently based on their gender. That is according to research from a recent American Family Survey. Of those who responded, 60 percent of women said that they had experienced some sort of harassment, and most of those cases took place at work. Only 28 percent of men who responded to the survey said that they had experienced inappropriate conduct.

Former vice president sues L'Oréal for racial discrimination

Florida readers may be interested to learn that a former marketing vice president for L'Oréal Cosmetics has filed a lawsuit against the company over alleged racial discrimination. She also accused the beauty giant of fostering a toxic work environment.

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