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November 2018 Archives

The forest service's plan to combat workplace harassment

Florida residents concerned about sexual harassment at work should be aware of the Forest Service's new initiative meant to curb inappropriate attention. A newly appointed Forest Service director has promised to enact policies and adjust existing processes to keep workers safe from harassment.

Google changes sexual harassment policies after walkout

People in Florida and across the U.S. have raised the alarm about sexual harassment at some of America's biggest companies, including tech giant Google. A recent worldwide walkout of Google employees came as a response to news that the company paid one leading employee $90 million in severance after he was accused of sexual assault. Following the walkout, the company's CEO distributed an email apology to employees, saying that the firm had not always properly handled its policies related to sexual harassment, discrimination and assault. The company also said that change would be forthcoming.

Tech companies end forced arbitration for sexual harassment

Workers in Florida and across the country have been speaking out about the harms caused by mandatory arbitration policies when applied to sexual harassment on the job. Facebook and Google both announced that they would end their policies that forced employees to go to arbitration over incidents of sexual harassment and even assaults. Media coverage and employee walkouts have highlighted the frustration of workers at the tech giants over how their complaints have been handled. Facebook said that it is changing its agreements to make arbitration optional rather than mandatory.

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