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June 2018 Archives

Three reasons your colleague may be paid more than you

It is corporate policy at many organizations that employees may not discuss their pay among each other. This hush-hush approach is intended to prevent rivalry and discord, but it can also enable unfairness and discrimination. Despite your employer's best efforts to conceal disparate pay rates, you might be surprised to learn that you are receiving less pay than your colleagues for work that appears to be equal.

How to handle workplace bullying

Ideally, those who are harassed at work will be able to tell their employer about it. However, there are considerations that Florida workers and others will want to mull over when deciding how to handle their situation. First, it will be important to consider whether the harassment is severe enough that it warrants reporting to a supervisor. If so, it is critical to note that bullying is not necessary against the law.

OCS improves response to federal workers' retaliation complaints

In the past, federal employees in Florida could expect the Office of Special Counsel to side with federal agency supervisors when workers filed complaints about mistreatment or blew the whistle about misconduct. Starting in 2017, however, the agency reformed its attitude toward employee complaints. It issued a record-setting 323 rulings in favor of employees. This represented a 16 percent increase in employees winning cases over the previous year.

Employees on FMLA leave must be considered for promotion

Pennsylvania employees may be aware that they are likely entitled to leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act after they have been with their employer for a certain amount of time. Employers are not allowed to discourage workers from taking leave or retaliate against them for doing so.

3 big reasons to stand up to workplace discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace takes many different forms. You may witness your employer discriminating against employees based on disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, age or other factors. Regardless of the reason for the discrimination, a hostile work environment as defined by the law is illegal.

Must you take unpaid leave from work if you are pregnant?

As a female worker in Florida, you might have said "NO” in answer to that question, thinking that women are treated as equals of men in 2018. Sadly, however, the answer is sometimes yes, and Walmart seems to be one of the biggest offenders when it comes to pregnancy discrimination. This mega-company is the largest private employer in almost half the states in the country, and you may face discrimination from your own employer if you become pregnant or you already are.

NPS head could be fired for inappropriate gesture

The National Park Service is awaiting an inspector general's report of alleged sexual harassment by one of its highest officials. As the Department of the Interior has pledged a zero tolerance policy for harassment in the workplace, those in the Florida legal community are curious about the outcome of the report.

Racism is still a serious problem in the restaurant industry

There is a great deal of racial discrimination in the food service industry. According to 2015 statistics from Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, as reported by Take Part, people of color earn significantly less than white people who work in restaurants. The data shows that disparities exist across the entire industry, from fast food chains to fine-dining establishments. 

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