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May 2018 Archives

Man claims Tesla fired him for reporting auto parts theft

Florida residents may be interested to learn that a former employee for Tesla recently filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the automaker. The former employee reportedly worked at the company as the Operations Associate Manager until he was terminated in October 2017.

McDonald's workers pursue corporate sexual harassment claims

At a franchised company like McDonald's, workers in Boca Raton share a common corporate identity with those in Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and other major cities. In May, 10 female McDonald's workers filed federal complaints of sexual harassment against the company and franchise holders. The employees said that the corporation had either ignored their complaints entirely or illegally retaliated against them for making the complaints.

Legal protection for Florida whistleblowers who report wrongdoing

State and federal laws aim to protect employees who report wrongful conduct by employers. The law wants to encourage people to come forward if they find out about illegal or unsafe behavior. However, the people in the best position to find out about workplace misconduct and report it are also the ones most vulnerable to retaliation from employers. Because of this, whistleblower laws prohibit adverse actions against these employees.

Sexual harassment a common issue among flight attendants

According to a survey conducted by the Association of Flight Attendants, 68 percent of respondents and throughout the country said that they had been sexually harassed at some point in their careers. Furthermore, roughly one-third said that they had experienced verbal abuse in the past year. The flight attendants who responded to the survey, including some from Florida, said that passengers had talked about sexual fantasies or requested videos or pictures of an adult nature.

Sexual harassment coming to light after #MeToo movement

The #MeToo movement has been able to generate a large amount of discussion across the nation, including in Florida. As a result of the movement, many companies are coming under fire for allowing sexual harassment to continue for years. Nike is just one company where employees have reported incidents of sexual harassment and gender discrimination that was allowed to continue without resolution.

Are you employed in a hostile work environment?

It's hard to spend your time in an unpleasant workplace. Whether you work with people who make negative comments about co-workers, tell inappropriate jokes or keep the workplace rumor mill going at full speed, such activities make you feel uncomfortable or cause you to feel harassed, especially if you are the target of the negativity.

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