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January 2018 Archives

Former TBS employee files racial discrimination lawsuit

Florida cable viewers may be interested to learn that an African-American employee who once worked for TBS has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging racial discrimination. According to the woman, who was with the company for 13 years and was a manager in quality assurance, she was denied a promotion that was instead given to a white man who had fewer skills and was less qualified.

How pervasive is sexual harassment in the workplace?

The past few years have shed light on several injustices toward women that had gone unnoticed or unacknowledged in the past: Movements like #MeToo and the Hollywood allegation scandals have demonstrated how much abuse happens behind the scenes. With all of this activity done to further women's rights, citizens of Florida may notice how much their awareness has increased with regards to the pervasiveness of sexual abuse in the workplace as well as what constitutes sexual abuse.

Is harassment just par for the course for waitresses?

If you work as a waitress or server, you may think that sexual harassment simply comes with the territory – a fact of life for the position and not something you can do much about. You may feel this is even more true when it is customers, not co-workers or managers, doing the harassing.

Asbestos removal whistleblower awarded damages, back pay

Employees in Florida and throughout the country are supposed to be protected from retaliation if they report their companies for dangerous practices. However, one man was fired from his job and sued for defamation after he reported his company for improper asbestos removal at a high school in New York.

Wal-Mart sued by transgender employee for discrimination

Some Florida residents might have heard about a controversial so-called "bathroom bill" in North Carolina that dealt with access to bathrooms for transgender people. The bill resulted in some events being pulled from the state. The transgender woman who filed a lawsuit regarding the bill that replaced that one in March has alleged that she faced discrimination in her job at a Sam's Club, and the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund Inc. in New York has filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart on her behalf.

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