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3 common types of sexual harassment in the fast food industry

Sexual harassment is common for females in the fast food business. If you are a woman working in a fast food restaurant, this is crucial to understand. According to a survey by Hart Research, 40 percent of women fast food workers experience sexual harassment in the workplace. This harassment can cause stress that leads to health problems, anxiety and depression

No one should have to experience harassment. When you go to work, you simply want to do your job. Here are the most common types of unwanted sexual behaviors in the fast food industry. 

1. Sexual jokes, remarks and teasing

The Hart study found that this was the most frequent form of sexual harassment for women fast food employees. Do your coworkers tell lewd jokes or share sexual anecdotes? Do they make teasing comments about your gender? If so, you are not alone: 27 percent of the survey participants said they experienced this type of behavior on the job. 

2. Hugging or touching

Some people like to give and receive hugs. There is nothing inherently wrong with a hug, but when it is unwanted or inappropriate, it is problematic. A male coworker may tease you for not giving him a hug. Maybe someone will sneak up behind you and hug you. Even worse, maybe someone pinches, rubs or brushes up against you in a sexual manner. 

3. Questions or comments about sexual interests

It can be uncomfortable to hear about others' sexual preferences or endeavors. Do your coworkers talk about their sexual interests or experiences? Do they ask you about your sexual history or preferences? These kinds of questions or comments are unacceptable at work.

It is an unfortunate reality that sexual harassment is prevalent and common for women in the fast food industry. Though some people may see you as less human because of your gender or type of job, this is of course not the case. You deserve to be treated with respect no matter what your gender is or where you work.

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