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August 2017 Archives

New OSHA online complaint form streamlines whistleblowing process

Employees in Florida and other states across the nation may want to know more about an announcement made by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in July regarding updates to its online whistleblower complaint form. According to one OSHA official, workers may file complaints with increased confidence because the appropriate federal agencies will now receive filings and respond to them in a more timely manner.

Employees talk about how racism affects them

Florida residents are likely aware of the issues of racism, sexism and ageism in the working world. One Asian woman who worked for Google said that she felt invisible and that there were few people who looked like her at the company. She said that this was especially true among the executive ranks. An African-American woman said that she was regularly asked to show identification whereas white workers were not.

3 common types of sexual harassment in the fast food industry

Sexual harassment is common for females in the fast food business. If you are a woman working in a fast food restaurant, this is crucial to understand. According to a survey by Hart Research, 40 percent of women fast food workers experience sexual harassment in the workplace. This harassment can cause stress that leads to health problems, anxiety and depression

Fox News host accused of texting inappropriate pictures

Florida residents who are Fox News watchers may be interested to learn that another employee, Eric Bolling, has been accused of sexual harassment. Bolling, a prominent host, allegedly sent unsolicited photographs of his genitals to several female co-workers.

DOJ argues sexual orientation is not protected by federal law

People who have faced discrimination at work due to their sexual orientation in Florida and across the country may be concerned after a filing by the Department of Justice. The filing argues that discrimination based on sexual orientation cannot be characterized as sex discrimination.

What are your rights as a whistleblower?

The term whistleblower refers to a person who reports illegal or unethical behavior in a public or private organization. Because revealing such malfeasance can trigger a range of repercussions, there are certain rights and protections afforded to whistleblowers by law. If you suspect that there is any wrongdoing taking place within your organization, you should be aware of your rights before you take action.

Appellate ruling helps to clarify harassment claims

Boca Raton workers who have faced discrimination or harassment may want to take heed of a court ruling that clarifies the meaning of the standard used to judge a hostile work environment. The lawsuit was initially dismissed by a lower court. An appeals court reviewed the case and reinstated the plaintiff's original charges. At issue was whether an isolated incident could meet the Supreme Court's "severe and pervasive" standard.

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