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April 2017 Archives

Some former cancer patients still face workplace discrimination

People in Florida that once had cancer might still face some workplace discrimination despite the 2009 amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act that are intended to protect them. The Journal of Oncology Practice published a study that found that since those amendments were enacted, employees were more likely to file claims dealing with workplace relations and employment terms. The number of claims concerning termination, hiring and reasonable accommodation was relatively unchanged. After the amendments passed, courts were more likely to conclude that claims pertaining to employment terms had merit and roughly equally inclined to find that claims in the other categories had credence.

Your rights as a pregnant woman in the workplace

As a pregnant woman in the workplace, you have certain rights, and two federal statutes protect these rights. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers a broad range of types of discrimination that may take place in a work environment. It also covers the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, which dictates that any type of discrimination against a pregnant woman because of her condition is also a form of sex discrimination.

Racist jokes at work: Are they illegal?

People with a sense of humor are often admired, but sometimes things go too far. If you are dealing with racist jokes in the workplace, you should know what constitutes harassment and discrimination based on race. Learn about the laws that protect employees like you from racial harassment and when jokes cross the line into unwelcome and menacing conduct. 

HR departments often fail to address sexual harassment

Employers in Florida and around the country are expected to take steps to address discrimination or harassment in the workplace based on race, disability, gender, religion, age or national origin, and they generally rely on human resources departments to investigate claims of mistreatment and enforce company policies. However, several of the civil rights activists and attorneys who spoke at the Women in the World Summit, which was held in New York in early April, said that corporate HR departments are often a part of the problem.

Employee's retaliation claim can continue, court rules

Florida employees may be interested to learn that the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania ruled that an employee could continue his retaliation claim against his employer. The employee claimed that the company fired him for taking his leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act instead of inappropriately touching another co-worker as alleged by the company.

Why sexual harassment cases continue to occur in the workplace

Florida employees may have seen several major reports of large, well-known companies that failed to protect their workers against sexual harassment in the workplace. For example, scandals at Sterling Jewelers and Uber indicate that many companies do not have proper policies to control or prevent sexual harassment from occurring. If a company does have a policy and protocols in place, they are often for show and fail to actually protect the employees.

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