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Are you familiar with these workplace retaliation tactics?

If you have reason to believe you are a victim of workplace retaliation, there is a good chance you are right. While some employees know what workplace retaliation looks like, others are unsure. They don't know if they are being retaliated against. Furthermore, they don't know what to do about this.

Here are some of the most common workplace retaliation tactics:

-- Being left out of key decisions and/or work related activities.

-- Verbal abuse by a manager.

-- Being passed over for a promotion, with a less qualified party selected for the position instead.

-- Verbal abuse by coworkers.

-- A cut in hours or pay.

-- Being forced to take another position or move to another location in order to keep your job.

-- Being demoted.

-- Any form of online harassment.

-- Physical harm to a person and/or his or her property.

-- Workplace harassment that extends outside of the office.

Although these are some of the most common workplace retaliation tactics, it does not always mean you are in position to take action. For example, just because you receive a pay cut does not mean you are being retaliated against. It is possible that many others are dealing with the same situation, maybe due to a downturn in business.

It is good to become familiar with the many types of workplace retaliation tactics. This will help you pinpoint a situation in which you are being treated unfairly. If you find yourself in this position in Palm Beach, it's time to stand up for yourself and show that you are not going to be treated poorly any longer.

Source: Forbes, "The 12 Most Common Workplace Retaliation Tactics," accessed April 05, 2016

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