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March 2016 Archives

There is no place for handicap discrimination

There are federal and Florida state laws in place to protect employees and applicants with a handicap. It doesn't matter if you have a physical or mental handicap, nothing changes the fact that you should be treated the same as everybody else at a place of employment.

Non-racial policies could still be against the law

You know that it's illegal for companies to have policies that directly exhibit racism, such as saying that no African American workers are allowed to be hired or mandating that only white workers can be considered for supervisor positions. Laws against discrimination have been on the books for long enough that modern companies would almost never consider such blatant violations.

Allegations of $4.8 million to Humana due to billing fraud scheme

A lawsuit filed by a South Florida doctor was recently unsealed. The filing alleges that Humana, a huge insurance company, knew that a doctor in Delray Beach cheated the U.S. government out of $4.8 million through a Medicare billing fraud scheme.

Medical physicist to receive over $7 million as whistleblower

For the second time, 21st Century Oncology, has agreed to pay millions to settle a case that focused on Medicare fraud. The U.S. Department of Justice settled with the Fort Myers, Florida, company in December 2015 in order to take care of allegations that the bladder-cancer tests Medicare patients underwent were not needed as frequently as ordered.

Florida United Parcel Service workers protest harassment

A group of employees and union teamsters associated with a local branch of the United Parcel Service recently gathered to protest against harassment at the facility. Around 70 people attended the rally to speak out against what employees are calling a history of discrimination and harassment.

What does a school do when sexual harassment is reported?

Any school -- public or private -- in the United States has some responsibilities when it comes to dealing with reports of sexual violence or harassment on it's campus. Those responsibilities are listed under a Federal law known as Title IX. Title IX is part of the Education Amendments of 1972. It's worth noting that the law also covers reports of incidents that took place at school-sponsored activities and programs, not only on the physical campus of the school.

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