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February 2016 Archives

Primary points regarding disability discrimination

Even though most employers understand that disability discrimination is against the law, some make a poor decision that negatively impacts an applicant or employee. Generally speaking, disability discrimination occurs when a company covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act treats a disabled individual unfavorably, because of his her or disability.

What does wrongful termination actually cover?

You might be surprised, but wrongful termination laws don't cover you simply because you believe you've been let go for unfair reasons. In Florida -- and many other states -- unless you are protected by a contract or some type of union agreement, your employment is at the will of the person who hired you. With some exceptions, the employer can let you go for reasons that seem stupid or unfair.

Executive action may lead to crackdown on pay discrimination

"More than 50 years after pay discrimination became illegal it remains a persistent problem for too man Americans." That was a statement from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's chairwoman. She also said that many time, pay discrimination is not detected because there is not always accurate information on what workers are paid.

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