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January 2016 Archives

Man files a hostile work environment suit in Florida

Working is a fact of life for most people. They have a passion for what they do and want to do it well. Your employer has to provide a work environment that is safe. This is the law. A lawsuit has been filed against a restaurant because of alleged poor working conditions in Florida.

Racial harassment and discrimination are still prevalent

Racial tension is one of the main topics being covered on the news these days. All of those stories show that racial discrimination in one form or another is still running rampant. While many people might not think too much about racial discrimination, it is something that can have adverse effects in the workplace.

Florida legislatures considering update to discrimination law

For several years, the Florida legislature has seen some form of a Competitive Workforce Act hit tables, but the measure has never reached a committee hearing. In 2016, supporters of Senate Bill 120 are hoping that trend is reversed.

Do you understand your rights as a breastfeeding mother?

Following the signing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, laws protecting the right to breastfeed in the workplace too effect. While not technically part of the Family Medical Leave Act, these laws are somewhat related to the act in that they impact new mothers.

Florida prison investigators lose appeal in whistleblower case

The Florida Department of Corrections' Inspector General investigators who made many allegations about questionable activities that occurred in our state's prisons in their whistleblower lawsuit have lost an appeal. Those activities allegedly included incidents of inappropriate use of force and suspicious prisoner deaths and were reportedly covered up by the chief inspector general.

What is a glass ceiling claim?

A glass ceiling claim has nothing to do with the actual ceiling in your office. Instead, this has everything to do with protecting your rights as an employee and ensuring that you are on the right path to bigger and better things in your professional life.

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