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December 2014 Archives

What are common work retaliation tactics?

It doesn't matter if you work in Florida or another state, you know that there could be times when you don't get along with coworkers. Additionally, if you open your mouth about some type of wrongdoing, there is always the chance that you could become the victim of workplace retaliation.

Miami Muslim man claims religious discrimination over job loss

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for this week on behalf of a Miami-based Muslim man who alleges he was dismissed from his job due to his religious beliefs. The incident involves the much beleaguered Spirit Airlines; a company based out of Florida that has continuously made headlines in a number of scandals.

What are the types of sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a problem in the state of Florida, as well as many other parts of the country. While most people realize they should never cross the line, others don't think about what they are doing and how it may make the other party feel.

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