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Florida State University sets up sexual assault policies, website

The federal government has had a hand in investigating Florida State University recently, particularly pertaining to the way that the university has worked through claims of sexual assault on campus. The Office for Civil Rights is working on the case, which is part of the Department of Education.

The main case began back in April, when a young woman made claims that the quarterback for the Florida State football team had assaulted her. She said that the man, who has already won a Heisman Trophy, had raped her. This woman came to the Office for Civil Rights to make a complaint about the process.

As this investigation continues, Florida State has already taken some steps to fight back against the sexual harassment of students. They have put out policies that are aimed at preventing these events from happening. For one thing, the focus will be on making sure that people know how and when to give consent if any sexual encounters are to occur, and it is supposed to focus on educating people so that they will intervene if they see something happening.

The basis of the program is run through a new website and online program. It will teach all students about these things, and the learning will be backed up with on-campus meetings. Any student who transfers into Florida State or begins attending as a freshman has to take the online course.

While preventative education can be helpful, those who feel they have been victimized by sexual assault while at school must know what rights they have, especially if they make a report and they think that the school does not handle it properly.

Source: USA Today, “Florida State releases new policies on sexual assaults” Sep. 03, 2014


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