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April 2014 Archives

Florida tops among discrimination, harassment in the workplace

From one side of the country to the next, discrimination and harassment in the workplace continues to be a big problem. While many companies do whatever they can to protect against this, others drop the ball for one reason or another.

Pregnancy discrimination unlawful under Florida state law

Last week, the Florida Supreme Court took a look at the state's laws against gender discrimination and ruled that the current law applies to pregnant women as well as women in general. The ruling is expected to resolve divisions about gender discrimination in the state's lower courts. Lawmakers will also vote on a proposed bill to add pregnancy discrimination to the Florida Civil Rights Act this session.

Florida group, Businesses for a Competitive Workforce, growing

Although there is no place for workplace discrimination, it remains a common concern in companies and states throughout the country. Some states, however, are taking steps in an attempt to eliminate this type of discrimination altogether. The Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce coalition is growing quickly, with the CEO of Florida Blue set to become the leader of the organization. Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce was formed in January, and it is dedicated to pushing for a state law banning discrimination dealing with gender expression and sexual orientation.

FMLA claim finds clarification in Eleventh Circuit Court

It turns out the term "prospective rights" under a 2009 Family Medical Leave Act amendment is defined as "those allowing an employee to invoke FMLA protections at some unspecified time in the future," so says the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

Florida teacher files discrimination complaint

There is no reason for any type of discrimination in the workplace; however, this is a problem that has plagued many companies and employees over the years. Recently, a former teacher at Woodmont Charter School in Florida filed a discrimination complaint against the institution.

Florida rife with workplace harassment and racial discrimination

According to a recent report created by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the state of Florida received more than 7,500 harassment and sexual or racial discrimination claims for 2013. In terms of totals for the United States, Florida's figures make up about 8 percent and means our state comes in at second, ahead of California and just behind Texas. Any discrimination is bad, but the American workplace discrimination total of 94,000 charges for 2013 has dropped since 2012 by about 6,000 charges.

Department of Labor increases FMLA audits based on complaints

After a number of regulatory changes were made regarding the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, some employers’ FMLA policies may not be up to date. To ensure that compliance with the federal law is met, the Department of Labor announced its intent to increase the number of on-site audits that will be conducted based on complaints.

Is Florida's EEOC complaint ranking a good sign?

The year 2013 has come to a close, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has tallied up the number of complaints that were filed throughout the 12 months based on harassment and discrimination in the workplace. In total, there were about 94,000 charges recorded in the United States. When that number was broken down by state, Florida was in second place on the list.

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