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March 2014 Archives

Sexual orientation topic of Florida legislative debate

Under Florida law, employees are protected from workplace discrimination and harassment based on their sex. These laws include gender under the definition of sex, but what about sexual orientation? Courts in Florida have provided some protection for individuals harassed because of their sexual orientation, but the law does not explicitly provide protection.

Florida bill targets sexual harassment in schools

In our Boca Raton employment law blog, we have discussed the right that employees have to remain free from sexual harassment in the workplace. Whether it is a hostile work environment created by inappropriate comments and offensive photos or quid pro quo requests, there is no doubt that sexual harassment is extremely painful for and damaging to the victim.

Documentary explores groundbreaking harassment case

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the agency that is tasked with enforcing the federal laws that protect employees from discrimination based on a protected class. The agency's name has become synonymous with protecting the rights of employees, and it might be easy to forget that the EEOC is an employer as well.

Advocates push to make pregnancy akin to a temporary disability

Disability laws on the state and federal level that protect Florida individuals from discrimination in the workplace are well established. It may have taken some time, but a lot of employers are seeing the benefits of following the Americans With Disabilities Act and providing their injured or disabled employees with some reasonable accommodation.

Contractors that manage mutual funds protected by Sarbanes-Oxley

The collapse of the company Enron in 2001 prompted serious legislative change that was aimed at helping protect investors from fraudulent accounting activities. We are talking about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This piece of legislation was not only directed at investors, but it also provided protection for employees who reported an employer's illegal activity -- more commonly referred to as whistleblowers.

Quid pro quo: when boss makes harassment condition of employment

Did you know that 80 percent of female farmworkers have experienced sexual harassment while on the job? That data was derived from a study conducted in 2010. It certainly isn't in their job descriptions, but some employers end up making the hostile working environment a condition of employment.

'Not my problem' boss tells worker unable to drive in ice storm

Out of all 50 states, Florida is one of the ones with some of the most consistently warm weather; its nickname is even The Sunshine State. It is no surprise then that the state and its residents may not have the equipment to handle inclement weather cold enough to shut down the city.

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