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February 2014 Archives

Suspension under a valid workplace policy could be a pretext

Employees in Boca Raton likely know that something like criminal activity, employee misconduct or even a serious violation of company policy could cost them their job or result in a temporary suspension while the claims are being investigated. These actions alone would likely not be considered by a court to violate an employee’s rights.

EEOC notices decrease in disability discrimination claims

Individuals in Florida are protected from discrimination in the workplace under both state and federal law. The sad truth is that some employers choose to violate this workplace right, and individuals are forced to endure a hostile work environment or suffer adverse employment actions as a result.

Senator proposes eliminating the 'un' in unpaid FMLA leave

When we meet someone new in Boca Raton or elsewhere, one of the first things that we often learn about the other person is what they do in life. Be they a doctor, lawyer, nurse, IT specialist, technician, plumber, teacher, CEO or any other professional, we are often recognized by our job. For a long time, the law also seemed to assume that people were defined by their jobs.

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