What Actions Should You Take If You Feel You Are Being Sexually Harassed At Work?

Get Informed About Workplace Sexual Harassment

Many sexual harassment claims are based upon employees experiencing a hostile work environment, an environment where intimidating, offensive or abusive behavior is severe, recurring and pervasive and that forces them to put up with the behavior or quit.

Fortunately, legal recourse options are available.

What Can I Do About Sexual Harassment At Work?

As soon as you become aware of the discrimination, there are concrete steps you can take to begin addressing the problem:

1. Document everything: Each time an incident occurs, write down the time and place it occurred, who was present and a description of what happened. Keep a record of whether you or anyone complained and how the situation was resolved, if it was.

2. Keep records: Save any emails, mail or objects that contributed to the hostile work environment and keep them in a secure place.

3. Check your employee manual: Your company may have an official policy on sexual harassment with a process about how to report it. If you do not have an official company manual, gather whatever policy documents you do have.

4. Reach out to human resources: If your company has a human resources department, consider asking them to intervene on your behalf. They may be successful in stopping the harassment. Even if they are not, however, the fact that you reported the sexual harassment can strengthen your legal case.

5. Talk to an employment law attorney: If your company has no human resources department, or if you are too uncomfortable to report sexual harassment to them, reach out to a lawyer with expertise in this area of law. An attorney can help you take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and prove your claim.

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