The Effects of Mistreatment in the Workplace

South Florida Attorney Helping People Deal With Discrimination and Stressful Work Environments

Working in a stressful work environment is no fun. Jokes have a way of getting out of control and becoming racist or sexist. Management looks the other way, and your manager may be hassling you about the quality of your work.

You have thought about complaining but are afraid of being demoted or fired for stirring up trouble. In the meantime, your personal life is non-existent and you're feeling the signs of stress, like high blood pressure or migraine headaches.

You do have rights, but will they protect you? In the meantime, how will you deal with the stressful work environment? Discrimination and harassment are far more common than they should be, and you need knowledgeable advice and aggressive representation if you decide to make a claim.

At the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A. in Boca Raton, Florida, we are committed to protecting your right to be free from mistreatment at work. While we can't make the anger and fear of retaliation go away, we do have a long track record of success representing people just like you who were facing discrimination, retaliation, and hostile work environments.

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Are You Facing a Stressful Work Environment Due to Discrimination?

Employment law and discrimination lawyer Willliam M. Julien has more than 20 years of experience protecting people's rights in the workplace. In that time, has seen the very real, serious impact workplace discrimination has on people, including:

  • Emotional stress and depression requiring counseling or therapy
  • Stress at home that leads to divorce or separation
  • Performance issues at work
  • Problems finding another job
  • Excessive drinking or substance abuse

You do have rights in the workplace. It is illegal to discriminate against you based on your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, or membership in another protected class. You have the right to work in a productive environment, and you have the right not to be harassed.

Protect Your Rights in the Workplace - Contact a Lawyer

We understand that reporting discrimination, harassment or a hostile workplace takes a lot of courage. We do all we can to pursue compensation for the wrong that has been done to you, including money damages for your lost wages, medical or therapy expenses, and other losses, as well as reinstatement to your job or an appropriate severance package.

Contact us today for a free consultation about your rights. We handle most cases on a contingency basis, so you owe no attorney fees unless we successfully resolve your case.