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Racial discrimination and harassment are degrading experiences no matter where they occur. If you have experienced this behavior in the workplace, discrimination lawyer William Julien can analyze the facts of your situation and advise you of your rights and options.

At the Law Office of William M. Julien, in Boca Raton, we represent clients in discrimination claims in Orlando and other communities in Florida. For a free consultation about your potential racial discrimination or harassment claim, call 866-569-7398.

What Is Employment Race Discrimination?

Florida and federal law protect you from discrimination in the workplace. Examples of employment race discrimination include:

  • Denial of a promotion based on race or color
  • Racial e-mails and pictures
  • Disparity in pay, benefits or working conditions among employees of different color
  • Employer retaliation for reporting discrimination
  • Employer retaliation for supporting the discrimination claim of another employee
  • Wrongful termination
  • Layoffs or downsizing that disproportionately affect employees of color

Employment race discrimination can be difficult to pin on employers. Today, employers know enough to give reasons other than race discrimination for adverse actions in the workplace. When necessary, we even retain investigative and technical experts to perform a statistical analysis of your company's hiring, promotion, discipline, or termination practices in determining if a pattern of racial discrimination exists.

What Is Employment Racial Harassment?

Harassment of employees of color is also considered discrimination. Harassment may include:

  • Race-based jokes or comments
  • Toleration of racial slurs or hate graffiti in the workplace
  • Physical or verbal attacks

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