Don't Endure Unfair Treatment In The Workplace

In a fair world, employment decisions including hiring, firing, promotions and layoffs would be made based an employee's performance alone. Unfortunately, in some cases employers base their decisions on bias. In some cases, employers demote or fire employees in retaliation for reporting unfair treatment. These practices are not only unfair; they are against the law.

If you need help resolving problems related to workplace discrimination, sexual harassment or wage and hour problems, contact employee rights attorney William Julien. At the Boca Raton Law Office of William M. Julien, we fight for the rights of our clients to work in a safe, fair and productive environment.

How We Can Help

Sometimes it can be hard to detect if you are being discriminated against, and it can be hard to know if you should complain about the treatment you're facing. When you come in for your free initial consultation, you will speak with an attorney about what's happening to you at work. We can help provide clarity about your legal rights, no matter what kind of discrimination you may be facing:

  • Employees facing discrimination may suffer the consequences of a superior's belief that skin color or national origin makes a difference for a person's ability to do one's job.
  • A worker's career may be stalled or thwarted by discrimination based on gender. Likewise, sometimes employers will discriminate against a worker based on his or her sexual orientation.
  • People over the age of 40 are protected by federal law from being discriminated against in favor of younger workers.
  • Pregnant women can face employment barriers, sometimes finding themselves demoted or even fired after taking guaranteed leave.
  • An employer's belief that an employee is disabled and unable to perform certain tasks - even when this is not the case - can rise to the level of disability discrimination, as can an employer's refusal to make certain reasonable accommodations for a worker with a known disability.
  • If an employer refuses to make scheduling allowances for Sabbath or religious holidays, this may constitute religious discrimination.

Discrimination can hurt your career prospects, financial outlook and morale on the job. You don't have to endure this unfair treatment. Our firm can help you assert your rights in the workplace, just as we have in many other successful cases.

Unemployment Issues Can Raise Red Flags

Sometimes an employment law issue doesn't come to light until an employee runs into trouble with the unemployment benefits process. If your unemployment claim has been denied, we can evaluate whether you might in fact have a more substantial underlying claim against your former employer.

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